A six month supportive mentoring experience
to help you develop genuine ACT mastery.

Starting May 2017  –  Strictly limited places.

Master ACT Interventions. Build Confidence.

Join Russ, his expert co-trainers and your colleagues on a truly supportive
journey over six months created to assist you develop ACT mastery in your clinical
or coaching practice. Throughout your entire Inner Circle mentoring experience,
you’ll have a space to go to where you’ll be able to get:

  • Practical tips and suggestions no matter what the therapy situation.
  • Compassionate support from your Inner Circle group as you apply your ACT skills in the real world.
  • Expert help especially in those tricky, sticky situations when you get stuck on where to start, or what to do next.

Each week Russ will take a fresh look at important ACT processes,
techniques, and interventions that really make a difference in practice.

Broaden your ACT skills
and knowledge in therapy.

Each week, Russ and his co-trainers will be posting engaging new content designed
to broaden and deepen your ability to apply ACT in a wide range of clinical situations.
You’ll learn about:

  • ACT as a Brief therapy.
  • ACT in Relationships.
  • ACT for Addiction.

Find what you need, when you need it.

Throughout your entire mentoring experience you’ll have access
to a wide range of resources in our ACT Inner Circle library.

We’ve included role plays, ACT processes, specific interventions, summaries of core ACT processes, exercises for you and your clients to do, in depth articles, e-books,
client handouts and worksheets for you to download, and much more.

We’ve even tagged each resource so you can easily find what you want, when you need it!

Network with your peers.

You’ll be able to form professional relationships with your fellow Inner Circle participants as you develop your ACT mastery. Simply follow a colleague and if they follow you, you’ll be able to privately send eachother messages.

It’s a great way to develop friendships and form deeper professional connections.

Connect with leading ACT experts.

Each month we’ll introduce you to leading ACT experts. Pioneers in their fields. You’ll be able to watch them in deep conversation with Russ. You’ll also be able to participate with your colleagues in Q&A forums and gain valuable knowledge to extend your ACT practice.

Dennis Tirch

Compassion Focused ACT

David Gillanders

ACT for Chronic Ill Health

Jonathan Bricker

ACT and Smoking Cessation

Koa Whittingham

ACT for Parenting

Plus many more

Who can join Inner Circle?

ACT Inner Circle is for mental health professionals and coaches.
So that all of the participants get the best possible experience it’s important that you’ve completed an ACT Beginners and Advanced level course
or workshop before joining ACT Inner Circle.

Have you done a Beginners Level Course but haven’t done an Advanced level course?
No worries!

You can join Advanced ACT and ACT Inner Circle concurrently. We’ll even heavily discount ACT Advanced starting October 2016 to make things a little easier.

Starts May 2017.

To assist in creating the best possible Inner Circle mentoring experience the number of places available is limited. Based on overwhelming feedback, spaces are expected to sell quickly. Register your interest below so you don’t miss out.

Register Your Interest

Register your Interest

What your colleagues from around the world
are saying about Russ’s online courses.

“Amazing, amazing, amazing! Loved how practical this training has been. My favourite aspect has been seeing the therapeutic sessions. It has been so well delivered that all the information has really made sense and I have been able to use the tools provided with great success with clients.”

Ana Catton, Psychologist

“Well structured, well paced and rich in content. Dr. Harris provides very useful and practical teachings to incorporate ACT into a coaching or therapy practice. I especially liked the use of metaphors, the summaries of key concepts, and the variety of learning styles used. Thank you!

Margaret Mann, Master Certified Coach

“The format of this course is the best I have experienced during the 33 years I have been in private practice… I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to develop skills in ACT.”

Michael Rosenbaum, Psychologist