Our trainers are with you all the way

Russ is the primary trainer in all of our courses, but he is supported in the interactive
online forums by a team of ACT experts, including:

Dr. Russ Harris

ACT Trainer

Louise Shepherd

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Robert Purssey

Psychiatrist, ACT Therapist, Pharmacology Expert

NeLi Martin

Psychologist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Julian McNally

Counseling Psychologist

Dr. Morten Hecksher


Dr. Thomas Szabo

Assistant Professor

Dr. Eric Morris

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Max Boehling

Clinical Psychologist and ACT trainer

Rikke Kjelgaard
Rikke Kjelgaard

Licensed Psychologist

Graciela Rovner

PhD in Rehabilitation Medicine, Senior Pain Specialist Physiotherapist.

Patricia E. Zurita Ona

Clinical Psychologist

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