ACT for Adolescents with Dr. Russ Harris

ACT for Adolescents: a creative and powerful approach for helping young people to succeed, connect and thrive

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This advanced level 6 week specialty course teaches you how to adapt ACT for young people. A host of world -renowned experts on the use of ACT with youth – including Darin Cairns (Australia), Chris McCurry (USA), and Sheri Turrell (Canada) – will share, explain and illustrate their approaches to treating adolescents (from age 10 to 19).

Each week you’ll get to watch therapy sessions where one or two of our experts demonstrate specific youth-focussed ACT interventions – and Russ will take you through an in-depth, step-by-step analysis of every technique and strategy, and the theory behind it.

This action-packed and interactive 6 week course allows you total flexibility to learn whenever it suits you. Two and a half hours of new core content will be released week by week over 6 weeks, with additional access for 28 days after the course finishes, so you can watch videos again, catch up after a vacation, or download a select range of powerful resources that simply aren’t available anywhere else.

Russ and his team of experts will take you step-by-step through adapting the ACT model for adolescents, in a way that is both engaging and entertaining. Prepare to experience Russ’s unique and engaging teaching style, direct-to-camera, supported by delightful animations of key ACT metaphors along the way.

You’ll watch annotated videos of real therapy sessions, engage with audio exercises and reading materials, participate in online forums with other participants, answer multi-choice quizzes that test your learning as you go, plus a whole lot more.

The entire course has been carefully designed with professional learners in mind, to ensure that you gain a comprehensive and practical grounding in the theory and application of ACT, which you can immediately put into practice with your young clients.


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In this dynamic, fun and energising 6-week journey you’ll learn how to use the six core principles of ACT, and how to adapt them to different clinical populations.

  As you progress through the course, you will:

  • Explode your creativity: music, painting, drawing, sculpting, movies, photography, Lego … there are so many playful and engaging ways to do ACT with adolescents. You’ll see interventions involving everything from bubble wrap and paper plates to toilet rolls and jelly snakes. Your creative juices will be bubbling over by the time you complete this course.
  • Establish genuine and meaningful connections with your clients
  • Learn step-by-step powerful exercises
  • Learn how to rapidly bypass resistance and build genuine rapport with coerced or hesitant clients that would rather be anywhere else but there with you.
  • Learn how to fluidly dance around the hexaflex without getting stuck.
  • Learn how to use teen-friendly language to convey complex concepts simply.
  • Learn how to make technology your friend, to engage those clients who seem distracted or defiant.


And much, much more!



Each week of the 6-week course is broken down into a series of easy-to-digest modules, so you can learn ACT quickly and simply, in bite-sized chunks.


Two and a half hours of course content will be released week-by-week over 6 weeks allowing you total flexibility to learn when it suits you.

Week 1: Kicking Off

How to get started with adolescents: building rapport, informed consent, getting buy-in, building trust, initial assessment, brief Intervention, confidentiality, using adolescent-friendly language (and avoiding the word ‘mindfulness’), dancing around the hexaflex, ABCs of behaviour change

Week 2 – Jumping Hurdles

Overcoming resistance, winning over coerced, reluctant or mandated clients, working with anger and aggression, “connect and reflect” exercises to rapidly tap into core values, using the “choice point”, grounding and centering, using mindfulness for emotional dysregulation.

Week 3: Gaining Momentum

Getting to values and translating them into committed action; behavioural experiments; handling rejection; bouncing back from failure; motivating the unmotivated; using the concept of “workability” to undermine self-defeating behaviour.

Week 4: Getting Off The Hook

Fusion: “not good enough” stories and social comparison, self-esteem and body image issues, worrying and rumination, etc. Defusion: a wealth of innovative and powerful methods, including bubble wrap, paper plates, cardboard telescopes, reason-giving boxes, and more.

Week 5: Playing Around

Exploring the huge range of playful and creative ways to do all the core ACT processes, including drawing, painting, photography, phone apps, collage, music, movement, poetry, clay modelling, computers, board games, and even jelly snakes. Also: setting goals, action plans, problem solving, skills-training and barriers to change.

Week 6: Making Room

How to accept painful thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories; self-compassion; self-soothing; overcoming barriers to acceptance.

Course outcomes


Course starts October 24, 2017
6 weeks | 16 hours

+ 10 Hours Bonus Content!

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CE/CME Credit Available


100% Money Back Guarantee

Notify us within 7 days of the commencement of the course.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Notify us within 7 days of the commencement of the course.

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“Thank you so much for offering this wonderful course. It truly resonates with my way of learning. You and your team deserve a lot of credit. The course is well-organized and the videos really keep it interesting and enjoyable.”

Judith Bayog Psychologist Boston, United States

“I am enjoying the course immensely! It is so thorough, clear and practical! I had high expectations for this course and they sure were exceeded. I am very impressed and excited about how ACT can genuinely change lives.”

Wendy Eggins Occupational Therapist Brisbane, Australia

“I am finding this course to be extremely helpful in focusing my work with my clients. I have used the Choice Point worksheet with many of my clients and have only had good responses to it.”


Heather Power Registered Psychologist Nova Scotia, Canada

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