ACT for Beginners with Dr. Russ Harris

A Comprehensive Foundational Course in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Course overview


This action-packed and interactive 8-week course allows you total flexibility to learn whenever it suits you, 2 hours of new core content will be released week by week over 8 weeks with additional access for 28 days so you can watch videos again, catch up after a vacation or download a whole range of powerful resources that simply aren’t available anywhere else.


Russ will take you step-by-step through the entire ACT model in a way that is both engaging and entertaining. Prepare to experience his unique and engaging teaching style direct-to-camera, supported by delightful animations of key ACT metaphors along the way.


You’ll watch annotated videos of real therapy sessions, engage with audio exercises and reading materials, participate in online forums with other participants, answer multi-choice quizzes that test your learning as you go plus a whole lot more.


The entire course has been carefully designed with our professional learners in mind, to ensure that you gain a comprehensive and practical grounding in the theory of ACT, which you can immediately put into practice with your clients or patients.

There are 16 CE/CME Credits available. Prior to registering, please click here to review complete CE/CME details, course objectives, speaker/planner conflict of interest disclosures and more.

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In this dynamic, fun and energising 8-week journey you’ll learn how to use the six core principles of ACT, and how to adapt them to different clinical populations.


You’ll learn to:

  • Get versatile with values
  • Dance around with defusion
  • Empower through acceptance
  • Catalyse with commitment
  • Liberate through self-as-context
  • Create focus, flexibility and fulfilment through contacting the present moment


You’ll also discover:

  • Five powerful tools to develop and strengthen psychological acceptance
  • Ten powerful ways to rapidly reduce the believability of negative thoughts (without ever challenging them)
  • Seven surefire techniques to get to values
  • The art of mindfulness without meditation
  • How to innovate your own mindfulness techniques


As well as:

  • How to get experiential in session
  • How to effectively utilise ACT in a wide variety of clinical problems
  • The power of metaphor and paradox
  • Novel alternatives to the ‘traditional’ ACT metaphors
  • How to apply ACT in your own life, to create a sense of vitality, meaning and fulfilment


Not to mention:

  • How to use ACT to help you cope with the stresses of difficult clients
  • How to access and experience a transcendent sense of self
  • How to fundamentally change your relationship with unwanted thoughts and feelings
  • How to help clients connect with their core values, set goals, and take committed action
  • How to ‘dance’ between ACT processes in session


And just for good measure:

  • How to make psycho-education quick, simple and fun
  • How to use artwork and technology for defusion, acceptance & values
  • Common client misunderstandings and how to correct them
  • Common client barriers to change, and how to dissolve them


And much, much more!



Each week of the 8-week course is broken down into a series of easy-to-digest modules, so you can learn ACT quickly and simply, in bite-sized chunks.


Two and a half hours of course content will be released week-by-week over 8 weeks allowing you total flexibility to learn when it suits you.

Week 1: Opening ACT – What’s It All About?

Overview: Aims & origins of ACT – core processes and principles – the therapeutic relationship etc.

Week 2: Cognitive Defusion – Watch Your Thinking

How to reduce the impact and influence of unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, images, memories etc.

Week 3: Contacting the Present Moment – Be Here Now

Paying attention with openness and curiosity – mindfulness – engagement – focus – grounding etc.

Week 4: Values – Know What Matters

How to clarify values and use them for motivation and guidance – differences from ethics, virtues etc.

Week 5: Committed Action – Do What Works

Setting goals – action plans – problem solving – skills-training – barriers to change etc.

Week 6: Acceptance – Open Up

How to accept painful thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. – self-compassion – barriers to acceptance etc.

Week 7: Self-as-context – The Observing Self

Perspective taking – defusing rigid self-concepts – accessing the ‘transcendent’ or ‘observing’ self etc.

Week 8: Fluent and Flexible – The Dance of ACT

Bringing it all together – dancing from process to process – the resilience formula – going further etc.

Course outcomes


This course will enable you to rapidly gain a comprehensive understanding of the ACT model, and immediately start using it with your clients.

Course starts January 23rd, 2018
8 weeks | 16 hours

+ 20 Hours Bonus Content!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Notify us within 7 days of the commencement of the course.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Notify us within 7 days of the commencement of the course.

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“Thank you so much for offering this wonderful course. It truly resonates with my way of learning. You and your team deserve a lot of credit. The course is well-organized and the videos really keep it interesting and enjoyable.”

Judith Bayog
Boston, United States

“I am enjoying the course immensely! It is so thorough, clear and practical! I had high expectations for this course and they sure were exceeded. I am very impressed and excited about how ACT can genuinely change lives.”

Wendy Eggins
Occupational Therapist
Brisbane, Australia

“I am finding this course to be extremely helpful in focusing my work with my clients. I have used the Choice Point worksheet with many of my clients and have only had good responses to it.”


Heather Power
Registered Psychologist
Nova Scotia, Canada

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