“Just want to express my gratitude for an extremely well-organized course. I love the course being over eight weeks as this allows me to learn and practice on myself and then my patients.  I work with kids ages 6-18 and have used the choice point exercise. Kids love it! It empowers them to make their own choices and instills hope. I have changed some language to be more kid-friendly. Thanks for offering this course. I look forward to the advanced course!”

Nanny Christie

Psychophysiologist, Cook Children’s Medical Center

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

“I am enjoying the speed of the course so far and also the format which include: short video clips, documents, meditation practices, reading list, and quiz for each module. I’ve done a few online courses on mental health and related topics, and one of the concerns for a participant in any online course is the need to be very focussed and the long duration of videos. This course makes it so much easier with the shorter clips, lively explanations and steady pace.”

Dr Linda Kader

Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist

Melbourne, Australia

“I am finding this course to be extremely helpful in focusing my work with my clients. Over the past couple of weeks I have used the Choice Point worksheet with many of my clients, new and otherwise, and have only had good responses to it.”
“As I progress through the course I continue to become more confident in using the variety of exercises and techniques that makes ACT so appealing and helpful. This course has helped me to bring structure and clarity to my therapeutic work, which has been extremely beneficial to me as well as my clients.”

Heather Power

Registered Psychologist

Nova Scotia, Canada

I haven’t finished the course yet; I’m savoring it. Anyway, your course:  it’s more than expected. Several years ago I did a master in Contextual Therapies, but your course is like to take a fruit and separate the solid from the liquid and enjoy the delicious juice.  Congratulations! After holidays I expect to meet you again in your “Fluent & Flexible ACT” course.

Enrique Parada

Associate Professor, Faculty of Psychology of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain

“I am loving the course so far and have learned a lot, thank you all for the hard work you’ve clearly put in!”

“The course has been extremely helpful in learning to translate knowledge of the ACT approach into clinical practice. It has been a fun learning experience that is thorough and thoughtful.”

Kenleigh Roden-Foreman

Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology

Dallas, Texas, United States

“This seems like one of the most well-done online courses I have ever done. I began investigating ACT about a year ago and have gone to two workshops but this by far has been the best presentation of the material. I love how the videos are spiced up with Russ’s delightful humor as well as those catchy little tunes while reviewing various concepts and terminology (particularly effective if you dance to them ;-)) I wonder if there is anyone besides myself is hoping that the technical team will succeed in making smartphone access possible (I understand they are working on it). A must for commuters!”

“Russ is a teacher par excellence. The course introduces, reinforces and continually connects the concepts, making learning smooth and easily understandable.”

“The teaching approach in the course really facilitates absorption of the concepts and provides so many practical ways to integrate them into therapy (and real life!). Thank you Russ! I don’t think I’ve ever been able to start applying new skills with so much ease; it has already been very useful with my clients as well as to my own approach and way of thinking.”

Sara Gold

Certified Holistic Therapist

Greater Jerusalem Area, Israel

I really enjoyed the course on a number of levels. Firstly i liked the structure – I’m not a big one for watching videos/webinars and I enjoyed the shorter clips interspersed with other information. The humour embedded throughout also made for more enjoyable viewing.

In terms of the content I found this enormously helpful on a personal level. Even though I have a couple of your books – I found it much more helpful to apply the techniques to myself with some more visibility from seeing the practitioner perspective – also I found being talked through it much better than just reading.

I have started using experimenting with ACT in a professional context with my coaching clients, and also at home with my family, and found it really helpful. Looking forward to doing the advanced course.


Life Coach, Australia

I am GREATLY enjoying the course. I have recommended it to numerous colleagues. I have practiced many of the techniques on myself and find great benefit to them, particularly while going through some major life stressors.

I began incorporating ACT techniques into sessions with ongoing clients almost immediately and they have responded very positively.


Psychologist, Ontario, Canada

I am still working through the course and loving every minute of it, I am up to week 6. You have a wonderful way of keeping us entertained while we learn. I have found watching the sessions with your clients very helpful. Seeing how you use ACT and all the tips you give have improved my confidence and given me ideas to use with my clients.

You have changed many lives Russ, thanks for your enthusiasm and commitment to all your books and courses.


Clinical Nurse, South Kolan, Australia

I’ve just completed the 12 week online Fluent and Flexible ACT course and loved it.

The online sessions with Russ were exciting, entertaining, motivating and informative.  The beauty of online is that you can complete the course within your own timeframes, which is so handy when you are trying to juggle work and family life.

Russ made the learning fun and it was easy to engage and focus.  There was a great range of reading, hand outs and information for us and to use with clients.

This is learning made easy and lots of fun. I would highly recommend it.

Naomi Smith

Senior Rehabilitation Consultant/Psychologist, Australia

I have done a 2-day training with Steven, have done full-day pre-conference workshops at ACBS Congress, have read endlessly, and am using ACT with my clients and myself.

I am currently enrolled in the Beginner Course and am finding it invaluable. What you get for the cost is amazing. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Shana Nichols, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Owner, Director, Researcher
ASPIRE Center for Learning and Development, Melville, New York

I recently did the advanced online course from Russ Harris and found it to be extremely useful.

I highly recommend his courses. I think online training would be a better deal, since you have a lot of downloadable stuff and you can watch the videos over and over again. And you also get a certificate at the end.

Sindhu Bs

The Mind Research Foundation, Bangalore, India