Thank you for the opportunity to complete this introductory ACT course from the comfort of my home and at my own pace. I have really valued what I have learned – especially watching the therapy videos and being given ’real life’ examples – and am already implementing this in my own practice. I have appreciated how you have anticipated the challenging issues and questions and helped me to phrase my own responses to these. Thank you too for the access to so many valuable resources and recordings.


Psychologist, Australia

I started out with a little bit of apprehension thinking that online might not do as much justice as a live workshop does. But I was totally wrong! This course is a treasure. Every single video and write-up is a keeper. The immense information and the way you explain it is unmatchable! You are no doubt a gifted teacher and an exceptional therapist. Thank you for making ACT approachable and usable.


Psychologist, Bangalore, India

I found the Quick Start Guide to Act online course to be flexible, informative and for an online course, surprisingly experiential. I especially enjoyed Russ’s use of humour throughout the presentations, it helped to reinforce the learning taking place and at times really made me laugh (which is always a plus when absorbing new information). I am noticing that I am both curious and excited about taking the ACT journey with my clients and continuing on to the advanced training.


Psychotherapist, Australia

I haven’t finished the course yet; I’m savoring it. Anyway, your course:  it’s more than expected. Several years ago I did a master in Contextual Therapies, but your course is like to take a fruit and separate the solid from the liquid and enjoy the delicious juice.  Congratulations! After holidays I expect to meet you again in your “Fluent & Flexible ACT” course.

Enrique Parada

Associate Professor, Faculty of Psychology of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain

Your course is marvellous, and great value too. I’m near the end of week 6 and I really appreciate being able to do the course at my own pace. I’ve slowed down a lot since I started the course so I can really take in the videos and take notes while I’m watching. It’s great that I can keep returning to it. I’m familiar with a number of therapy methods but believe that ACT is the best by far. Many thanks for preparing the material and I look forward to doing further work online in the future.


Pastoral Care, Australia

I have truly enjoyed the course. It is a fantastic way to work within the world of elite sport. So impressed by the way you have done this course. You really have done a fantastic job in getting the message through. Absolutely great!


Sports psychologist, Sweden

I really enjoyed the course on a number of levels. Firstly i liked the structure – I’m not a big one for watching videos/webinars and I enjoyed the shorter clips interspersed with other information. The humour embedded throughout also made for more enjoyable viewing.

In terms of the content I found this enormously helpful on a personal level. Even though I have a couple of your books – I found it much more helpful to apply the techniques to myself with some more visibility from seeing the practitioner perspective – also I found being talked through it much better than just reading.

I have started using experimenting with ACT in a professional context with my coaching clients, and also at home with my family, and found it really helpful. Looking forward to doing the advanced course.


Life Coach, Australia

I am GREATLY enjoying the course. I have recommended it to numerous colleagues. I have practiced many of the techniques on myself and find great benefit to them, particularly while going through some major life stressors.

I began incorporating ACT techniques into sessions with ongoing clients almost immediately and they have responded very positively.


Psychologist, Ontario, Canada

I am still working through the course and loving every minute of it, I am up to week 6. You have a wonderful way of keeping us entertained while we learn. I have found watching the sessions with your clients very helpful. Seeing how you use ACT and all the tips you give have improved my confidence and given me ideas to use with my clients.

You have changed many lives Russ, thanks for your enthusiasm and commitment to all your books and courses.


Clinical Nurse, South Kolan, Australia