The Happiness Trap with Dr. Russ Harris

The Happiness Trap Course – coming soon

The Happiness Trap – first came the book, now comes the online training!


Join Russ in his brand new 8 week Happiness Trap online course where he will talk you through this revolutionary mindfulness based model developed from cutting-edge research in behavioral psychology.


Prepare to be entertained as Russ teaches direct-to-camera and brings to life key concepts using delightful animation. There’s also audio exercises, stacks of reading materials, online forums to chat with course participants, multi-choice quizzes to check your learning as you go and a whole lot more.


A wealth of published scientific studies prove the effectiveness of this model, so if you want to maximise your potential to find meaning and fulfillment in life, this course is for you.


Please note, The ‘Happiness Trap’ online course is aimed at the general public, and does not attract Professional Development points. Attendance certificates are not provided.

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